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Our Printing Methods


We offer 4 variants on how we decorate garments. These are CAD cut Vinyl, Digital Print CAD cut Vinyl, Sublimation and Embroidery. Combining these methods allows us to produce exactly the product you require, whether a one off or larger run.

CAD cut vinyl is the most common method used amongst garment decorators, however does have a bad reputation due to improper use where people will find it Peeling off or Cracking. Provided the garment is washed properly - wash instructions will be provided - your garment should will last.

Digital CAD cut vinyl is similar to the above, however rather than picking a colour off the shelf, we can digitally print any colour, gradient or blend through our Eco-Solvent printers. We can then CAD cut these designs to provide almost no limitation to design.

Sublimation, scientifically is the process of a solid turning into a gas, without being a liquid. The garment then absorbs the gas as it turns back to a solid, basically dying the garment. This is limited to garments with a higher percentage polyester count than any other material, and is ideally suited to sportswear and some fashion products we offer. We can only print darker on the media so accurate colour representation is only available on white.

We use a highly advanced Embroidery system which allows us to recreate logos and artwork with (literally) pin point accuracy. We do not offer this service direct through our website due to the variations it presents, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Photo Gifts

The vast majority of our photo gifts are printed with Sublimation. The same principle applies as clothing, however, it is just the substrate that is different. The magic of sublimation ensures that all of our products are highly durable and sealed so that no fading will occur in natural UV light - or in the case of mugs, through a dishwasher.

Canvas Prints

Our canvas prints are printed through our state of the art Epson Inkjet printer, ensuring beautiful photo reproductions and stunning colour depth. As standard, our canvas media is 350gsm bright white to ensure only the highest quality.

Photo Prints

Our Photo Prints are printed through our high capacity Dye Sub photo printers. This ensures our photo prints are UV resistant, so they can happily sit in your windows without fade.

Cards & Invitations

We produce all our short run cards and Invitations through our state of the art Xerox printing and finishing workflow machine. Digitally printing these ensures superb colour and photo reproduction, with a crisp finish to any fine detail. As standard we print on a 350gsm gloss media, we also have Matte, silk and uncoated options available.

Business Cards, Flyers and Smaller Posters

There are two options available here. For short production runs, we use our digital printing machine. For longer runs, we litho print. Both have superb colour reproduction, however small colour differences may be noticeable between the two methods. We have a large number of finishing options available.

Signs, Banners and Larger Posters

Different situations require different processes. We use both Solvent based printers and Inkjet based printers, and both have their pro’s and cons. Our Solvent printers print media suitable for indoor and outdoor use, whereas our inkjet printers produce much higher detail and more accurate colour matching, however is ideally suited to indoor use. We also offer lamination of all our larger format prints regardless of the print method which enhances indoor and outdoor life to both print methods.

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