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5000x A5 Flyers - 150gsm

Flyers have been an important part of any businesses marketing for decades. They’re essential for promoting events, advertising sales, drumming up business for shop openings and so much more. You don’t have to be a professional designer to get professional results either. we can do it for you!Our 120gsm Flyers offer a professional look, without the premium price.Follow these tips to get off to a start:

  • Grab them with a headline. This will determine if the rest of your flyer gets read or not – keep it short!
  • Less is more. Choose your words wisely - readers should understand the key message at a glance.
  • Issue a call to action. Do you want readers to go to your website? Visit your shop? Tell them clearly what the next step is.
  • Sweeten the deal. We all love a little something extra – back up your call to action with a voucher or discount.
  • Think about distribution. Who are you targeting and where are they likely to be? If you’re a Boot Camp Instructor, then try leaving flyers at local gyms and health food shops.
  • Same Day service is available on these flyers

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